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Driven AM presents: JAKES


Sunnyvale & Driven AM present: 

Jakes has many strings to his bow. From being front man to many live acts e.g T.C, Pendulum and Ez Rollerz to being the head of his own genre straddling label Hench Recordings, he has made a lasting mark on the world wide underground bass scene. Within a few years Jakes evolved and furthered his musical reputation from being one of the big name MC’s of drum and bass world to now being one of the pioneer’s of dubstep. The progression towards his now trademark style has been applauded by many - and not limited to his chosen passion. Standing on this solid foundation he has gone on to write music for films and voxed adverts for directors such as Darren Aronofski and brands such as PUMA. With a globally renowned stature for genre straddling music and inimitable style and having garnered support from legends across the board the U.K vocalist turned dubstep pacemaker boasts an extensive repertoire that has only expanded and metamorphosed with time. Now with new venture A.N.W.P. (AT NIGHT WE PLAY) Jakes will continue to push his musical repertoire further.

with support from:

(Darkroom | Konkrete Jungle | Profound Audio)

and resident:

(Driven AM | Technique | Formation | Think Deep)

Venue: Sunnyvale, 1031 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Doors at 11:30pm

$8 in advance / $10 at the door

About DRIVEN AM: Established in 2006, Driven AM is a Drum and Bass record label, artist manager and bass music live event coordinator, based in NYC. Join us every month at Sunnyvale.

About SUNNYVALE: Sunnyvale is a big empty room. Within this empty room resides the endless possibilities of creative expression. Artists from around the world can congregate in this neutral environment to tell their own stories and continue the narrative that is New York City culture. As a home for free expression, it is crucial Sunnyvale maintains its position as a safe space, which means freedom from harassment of any type, so that one can feel genuinely free to express themselves. Our business priorities are standardized to benefit all stakeholders including patrons, neighbors, employees, and artists.